Poletential AirShow | Redwood City, CA

I think it’s every girl’s dream (for that matter, every guy’s too) to have a fit body, tight abs, muscle definition, the works. Everyone wants to stay on a fitness regime, keep a focused diet, and enjoy a healthy life stye, but few actually accomplish it.

I’ve been going on and off (mostly off, unfortunately) to Poletential to get my workout on for about a year. I know dancing is the best form of exercise for me because it’s fun, and not repetitive like most workout routines are. In college I danced competitively on the ballroom dance team, and while I still got the skills to don a pair of dancing shoes and dance the night away, it’s just not rigorous enough alone as a form of exercise. I chose pole because it’s sexy and challenging, but I think the latter is also why I always somehow fall off the wagon because pole dancing is really hard!

Early this July, the owners of Poletential asked if I was available to photograph their very first AirShow. I jumped at the opportunity and I’m so glad I did. Not only did I get to photograph the amazing dancers, I met them, got to know then, and made forever friends. Some have been dancing since they were 18, others only picked it up in the last 5 years. I was completely in awe of the performers flexibility, fluidity, beauty, and strength.

Since the event, I’ve somehow rediscovered my inner diva and found the resolve to go to class more regularly, and it’s really been paying off. Those moves I used to think I’d never be able to do before are slowly starting to become part of my regular repertoire.

Oh, one last thing… AirShow is happening again! December 3rd, at Club Fox and tickets JUST went on sale. I can’t wait. It was completely sold out last time so, get your tickets soon! Also, if you are going, let me know!

Now on to the photos!!!

We kicked off the evening with the Poletential owners themselves, Christina and Pam!

Then there were the students and the instructors, showing off their skills!

Last, but of course, totally not least, were the professionals. They were absolutely amazing!!!

Amber Richard!! Amber used to teach at Poletential – she is an amazing teacher!

Rebecca Starr!!

Natasha Wang!!

Alethea Austin!!

Jenyne Butterfly!!

Hope to see you at the next show!

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Baby O!

Earlier this year, I promised myself, I’ll go back through all my photos and blog every single shoot, no matter how overdue. So, even tho Baby O is almost Toddler O by now, I’m still going to write about him! And, while I’m still really far from that goal, tonight, one very short blog post later, I’ll be one newborn shoot closer. YAY!

Baby O’s parents are super fun loving and really terrific people. I loved that they wanted to do a fun, Mila’s Daydreams-esque pose for their baby announcement, and had everything picked out, including the perfectly coordinated baby outfits and stuffed rabbit, even in their sleep-deprived states.

We left just enough room between the clothes and the grass for the announcement details ~ I think the photo came out super cute!

Super belated congrats to mommy and daddy, and happy Sunday everyone!

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Chris + Gina’s Welcome Dinner | Healdsburg Golf Club, CA

Wow, I’ve really been busy lately! So much so I’ve really neglected my blogging… But, fret no more, readers! I’m going to try to come back with a vengeance and really catch up, I mean, it can’t be that hard because I’ve been shooting tons lately, right?

Over Labor Day weekend, I got the opportunity to shoot a Welcome Dinner the night before a formal wedding. It was a perfect evening at the Healdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park. Perfect summer evening, perfect breeze, perfect everything. Everyone, including the bride and groom, were relaxed and thoroughly enjoying the night.

There were endless pizzas, pastas, salads, cookies, eclairs, macarons, macaroons, and noci gelato & sorbetto! Oh, and of course, lots of drinks to choose from too.

Gina and Chris, thank you for letting me document this special night!

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